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Hot Melt Coating Machine

Hot Melt Coating Machine

Model: JYT-B


1. An Ac converter control is used for both speed and quantity of glue feeding for which both automatic synchronous tracking and manual control are available.

2. JYT-B hot melt coating machine adopts intelligent PID temperature control system, it can control the temperature exactly and the error is with in 1

3. The glue melting oven is coated with the antisticking layer, efficacious prevent the hot melt adhesive against carbonization.

4. Collocate the precision metric gear, make it more steady to produce the adhesive.

5. The high precision of alloy steel spray head has guaranteed high-quality coating result.

6. High-efficiency cooling device insure the applicable range of the basic materials.

Techinical parameters´╝Ü

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Model JYT-B
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weigh 10-200g/O
Coating Speed 50M/min
Unwind Diameter 1000mm
Rewind Diameter 700mm
Correction Device 1sets
Length 4800mm
Height 1350mm

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